Archived Tips 2008


Sunday comics & past issues of Ready Made make a great gift wrap. But sometimes you need something with a little more class!

There are lots of options available for any occasion.

1. Recycled gift wrap.

2.Gift wraps and bags created from naturally shedding Mulberry trees.

3. Reusing paper and bags from gifts you have received.

4. Recycled shipping kraft paper. Makes a great wrap and you can decorate or personalize it for any occasion a GREAT snowy day project .

5. Create gift tags & notes by cutting out pictures or characters from the wrapping paper scraps & Holiday cards you received last year

6. Don’t buy foil bows~get creative and use ribbon or string and tie something fun to the center of the package.

If 10,000 people wrapped a gift in recycled paper it would save about 64 trees!

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