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November tip of the Month–Lighten your Life


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Review and Giveaway from Feisty Frugal & Fabulous

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Check it out! Interview with Shine on Yahoo!

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Wear The Earth sells Organic, Sustainable Eco-Friendly clothing. Organic fabrics last longer and feel better on the skin than traditional fabrics. People with allergies and sensitivity to chemicals have found relief in Organic material. By purchasing Organic and Eco-Friendly clothing you are helping to create an environment for sustainable living.

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Check it out….

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Fun in the Sun Garden Project.

Miss Leighann’s hang-it anywhere tomato plant!  It makes a GREAT gift.

Here is what you need:

Reusable shopping tote–Leighann used one from Whole Foods.  Your best bet is a Recycled PET (water bottles) bag.  Stay away from the canvas bags.  Whole Foods has these bags available in lots of sizes and fun patterns from $.79.

Young tomato plant.  Not seeds, you will want a starter that has a nice amount of growth maybe 2-3″ tall.

Scissors,  Organic Soil or composted soil and bark.

First cut a small hole in the bottom of the bag just large enough for the plant to fit through and the stem to grow.

Next, use the plastic container the plant comes in or similar to line the bottom of the bag just surrounding the hole you have cut.  This is to provide support for the plant you do not have to cover the entire base of the bag.

Then add the plant~~slip the top of the plant through the hole in the bottom of the bag,  the plant will be upside down~~THIS IS CORRECT.   Now fill the bag about 3/4 full with the soil and add about 1-2″ of bark to top it off.

Hang it anywhere you want add H2O and love!  Watch the tomatoes grow.  You can grow them all year long!

Have Fun!

Miss Leighann's Tomato Plant
Miss Leighann’s Tomato Plant

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Wear The Earth in the NEWS…

May 7th 2009–Read our featured article in the Las Vegas Review Journal.    Thank you to Xazmin Garza Image Reporter, who interviewed Zoe and I.

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