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Tip of the Month August 2010

It’s August and Summer is coming to a close…..There is still time for a weekend getaway or a quick trip to the coast! As we plan our last summer road trip, I thought I would share some of our gas saving tips!   NO you don’t have to navigate with left turns to save gas……

Mind your maintenance. A well-tuned car burns less gasoline, so get your oil and air filters changed regularly.

* Not sure if your filter needs changing? Take it out and hold it up. If you can’t see any light coming through, it’s too dirty.

* Check your tire pressure monthly (you’ll get the most consistent results by using your own gauge when the car is cold). Americans driving on under-inflated tires waste 4 million gallons of gas each day and reduce their tires’ lifespans.

* Oil-change shops urge us to change the oil in our vehicles every 3,000 miles, but most cars nowadays don’t need oil changes that often. In fact, most manufacturers say you can go 7,000 miles without a problem. Change less often and it really can save your engine and the planet – not to mention your wallet.

Clear the clutter. Every 100 pounds you carry inside your car lowers its fuel economy by 1 to 2 percent. So if you don’t need it, don’t have it in your trunk.

Mind your Manners. Fast, aggressive driving is a big fuel waster. Try to maintain a constant speed – most cars reach peak efficiency while cruising between 55 and 60 miles per hour – and avoid rapid acceleration and braking, which can increase fuel consumption by as much as 40 percent (and make everyone else on the road hate you).

Keep your cool. Need relief from the heat? Use the air conditioner if you’re going faster than 40 miles per hour, since a lot of engine power at high speeds goes to reducing drag. When you’re cruising around town, it’s more efficient to roll down your windows.

Think different. Could some of your short trips be made on public transportation or by walking or riding a bike? Combining trips helps, as does carpooling with friends. Courtesy of


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Tip of the Month~June

Top 10 Essentials for your Wilderness Adventure:

1. Water and Water Purification.

2. Extra Food.

3. Matches & Fire starter.

4. First-Aid Kit.

5. Sun protection (sun screen, hats, glasses etc.)

6. Pocket knife or Multi-Tool.

7. Rain Gear & Extra Clothes.

8. Compass & Map.

9. Whistle.

10. Flashlight.

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Happy Holidays~December Tips

Click to see the :  Tip of the month~December

10 Tips to make your Holiday “Greener”!

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August 2009 Wear The Earth-Summer Clearance Event August 6th 2009

Come shop with us! Yes we said SHOP!   We are hosting a Summer Clearance Event August 6th 2009 from 6:00-8:00 PM. Get a sneak peek at our Fall collection too.

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Fun in the Sun Garden Project.

Miss Leighann’s hang-it anywhere tomato plant!  It makes a GREAT gift.

Here is what you need:

Reusable shopping tote–Leighann used one from Whole Foods.  Your best bet is a Recycled PET (water bottles) bag.  Stay away from the canvas bags.  Whole Foods has these bags available in lots of sizes and fun patterns from $.79.

Young tomato plant.  Not seeds, you will want a starter that has a nice amount of growth maybe 2-3″ tall.

Scissors,  Organic Soil or composted soil and bark.

First cut a small hole in the bottom of the bag just large enough for the plant to fit through and the stem to grow.

Next, use the plastic container the plant comes in or similar to line the bottom of the bag just surrounding the hole you have cut.  This is to provide support for the plant you do not have to cover the entire base of the bag.

Then add the plant~~slip the top of the plant through the hole in the bottom of the bag,  the plant will be upside down~~THIS IS CORRECT.   Now fill the bag about 3/4 full with the soil and add about 1-2″ of bark to top it off.

Hang it anywhere you want add H2O and love!  Watch the tomatoes grow.  You can grow them all year long!

Have Fun!

Miss Leighann's Tomato Plant
Miss Leighann’s Tomato Plant

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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